On-page and On-line - DAF caters for all with the new TRP Catalogue

13th August 2016 TRP Ireland

DAF Trucks has published the ninth edition of its definitive TRP Catalogue – the company’s comprehensive Parts directory for all-makes of trucks, trailers and workshop consumables. In addition to the hard-copy catalogue, truck operators may also interrogate the complete TRP range through a dedicated web site, www.trpparts.com, which has been updated to provide increased functionality.

DAF Trucks remains keen to provide a hard-copy catalogue to satisfy the needs of its extensive customer base. Hard-copies of the latest TRP Catalogue can be obtained through the DAF Dealer network.

TRP – the all-makes leader – is the highly successful Parts programme marketed alongside DAF genuine and PACCAR Parts, focusing on trailers, all-makes of truck marques and a wide range of workshop consumables and lubricants. Both versions of the TRP Catalogue (hard-copy and online) provide enhanced accessibility to TRP’s huge and constantly updated range of Parts.

“We’re very conscious of our commitment to customers across all industry sectors,” said Stewart Davies, Parts Marketing Manager at DAF Trucks, “and our Parts marketing push has to reflect the wide-ranging nature of the market and how our customers wish to communicate with us. Our new TRP Catalogue, however our customers wish to access it, is the most complete Parts compendium we’ve ever produced,” he said.

“The hard-copy TRP Catalogue contains all our fast-moving truck, trailer and consumable items,” continued Stewart Davies, “Customers, DAF or otherwise, can use it to capitalise on all the exclusive benefits and incentives through their local DAF Dealership. The full TRP range, comprising 75,000 lines, can be interrogated through www.trpparts.com,” he said.

DAF Webshop – buying Parts online

Customers holding an account with local DAF Dealers can now also purchase their parts through an eCatalog via the DAF Webshop – now offering even greater functionality. DAF Webshop customers are provided with password protection through their local DAF Dealer, and can take advantage of specific discounts.

“Through access to the DAF Webshop and the new, updated TRP eCatalog,” added Stewart Davies, “users will notice similarities with many well-known online ‘high-street’ retailers, being able to check and order parts, and using familiar navigation tools.”

With access to the full range of DAF and TRP Parts, web customers will enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Webshop interrogation by chassis number, original equipment Part number or even an alternative supplier’s Part number
  • 24-hour purchase capability
  • Exclusive price arrangements through local DAF Dealership
  • Information on which parts are included in the MAX parts voucher programme
  • TRP eCatalog cross references Parts, offers alternatives and make suggestions where related Parts or consumables may be appropriate
  • Comparisons between TRP and alternative Parts
  • Accurate information on availability from local Dealer or Dealer group
  • Information on delivery times.
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